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White House trip Tally Ho Sue and the hand Sue and Hank's wedding, 1964 Sue's college checkout trip
Sue and Hank's wedding Rob + Tinga at the beach Tinga + Rob skating, Duck Pond Rob running on the beach Petie
Tinga, Donna, Rob at beach Tinga and Mom at the beach Mom and Tinga skating Granddaddy Tinga and Mom at the beach Mom + Dad on the couch
Mom, Mayme, Rob, Tinga Mom + Adine Meredith + us Tinga + hemlock Tinga, Granddad, and the beach
Rob Liz Tinga at duck pond Tinga and Liz on the train Tinga, Meredith, Liz on the beach Jones Beach
The Family The Dunfees and us Sue's College Trip The back porch

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